Musings on the scribe…

I’m a squire who longs to be a knight by following the code of chivalry, where loyalty, honor & fellowship are the true measure of a person, and integrity is not just a buzzword but something to strive for.
I’m a time lost knight in shining armor to some, monsieur “ubergeek’, Mr. Montreal and closet Broadway lover to others, fierce dragon boat competitor to all, beloved “honorable first” son to my parents, “that damned crazy” brother to my sister, and trustworthy if kooky friend to my companions.
I’m racially comprised of a good part of the world Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish and French), born in the wrong century (but can’t live without broadcast news, running water and good pizza cheese), but at ease with the advancement to the next (go internet go!).
Oh yeah, and a warning…I was also one of those Mr. Goody Two Shoes in Elementary and High School that still tries to believe in integrity, and time to time fails to achieve the standards I put for myself but I’m still working on it.
You can find my restaurant reviews at and my YYC musings on Twitter at @calgarydreamer

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