A Lesson in What NOT to do in Social Media if You’re the COMPANY PRESIDENT

Bizarre. Yesterday, I just had a great abject personal lesson on what NOT to do on Social Media.

I had made a pic of a shut down mall kiosk yesterday, stating how relieved I didn’t buy into it. The previous franchise owner, a former client of mine, had tried to get me to buy into 1 of his kiosks and when I changed my mind (gut was warning me there was something hidden going on), he ended up closing it apparently.

Well, a friend asked me about why I was relieved and I mentioned that the parent company was bankrupt. Suddenly, some guy suddenly made some comment about me being liable in Twitter and so on.

I had no idea what the heck this was about, but as I had just made comments and posts about a local politician, Ric McIver and his association with a notorious anti-LGBT ultra-right christian agenda, I said that I stood behind my words (re: McIver). This stranger then basically accused me of spreading lies and was slandering his “company”.

Ok, that piqued my interest now. I took a looked at Google to see if this guy’s name would show up… and to my surprise, it was the PRESIDENT of the parent company. I then replied to the guy with the link to the CBC story that stated that his company was bankrupt. He then went on about how this was all lies and implied that he was going to sue me.

I then asked him simply for an updated story or a link that the CBC reported wrong. Instead I still got a comment implying legal action. As I wasn’t about to listen to an online bully, I requested again for info and so on, but nope… now silence. I’m wondering if he realized that he himself may have gotten himself into trouble or that he was satisfied with his efforts to try to bully me, or that he was now planning to sue me (if he does, this should be a fun circus as he really doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on).

I’ve since had a few friends mention about how surreal that was and wondering what the heck was in this guy’s mind. All I know is that I’m especially sure that I have no intention of ever going near that company’s products if it was the last provider of that service on Earth.

SO let’s go through the lessons here….

1st – You do NOT use your own personal account. And read the context. This man is definitely implying legal threats here.

The pic I took and the surprise veiled threat

The pic I took and the surprise veiled threat

2nd Lesson – You do not CONTINUE to make veiled threats or believe that you’re so huge in the world that people know who the hell you are. Honestly, I argue and talk about dozens of topics in a day. Without being specific, I had no clue what the hell he was talking about. Oh, and the “Ahh…” post? I just punched in his name in Google and the identity of the guy appeared on LinkedIn.

The threats continue, and I find out who the hell this guy was

The threats continue, and I find out who the hell this guy was

And this is who I found out who was attacking... boy was I surprised

And this is who I found out who was attacking… boy was I surprised

#3… Look, sometimes a person gets it wrong. But if you’re going to make serious legal threats over something that based on what I know at the time from news stories, the least you can do is prove the person wrong. Reply with a correction. I’m not too ashamed to say I got it wrong but I would like some proof instead of just the empty claims of a guy obviously trying to bully me.  But doubling down isn’t the best reply ever.

And now he DOUBLES DOWN #facepalm

And now he DOUBLES DOWN #facepalm

#4… Never assume that this is an entirely private conversation. Now, this guy comes across as a lunatic to more than just me. I find out that at least 2 more people were following the thread. So much for public relations…

The conversation is over, but now I find out about the audience

The conversation is over, but now I find out about the audience

#5. If you’re going to defend your company, make sure there isn’t say….. dozens of news stories from the CBC, Financial Post, Globe & Mail, Blog Posts and so on repeating and confirming that your company is bankrupt. More importantly, you might want to be sure you’re not on Industry Canada’s official page with direct listings of the Ernst & Young papers filed stating you’re bankrupt.

Posting on Industry Canada for Bankrupt Companies Owing More than $5 Million

Posting on Industry Canada for Bankrupt Companies Owing More than $5 Million

So what did we learn here? Well that company loyalty is fine and well, and circling the wagons is an understandable tactic, but to do so as the company PRESIDENT using your own personal Twitter account and attacking each and every person who states what is public knowledge… well, it definitely reflects seriously badly for the company. He is right, you are accountable on Twitter for what you say. But in this case, the real fight isn’t in a legal courtroom, but in the court of public opinion.

And the shoe drops... he attacks pretty much everyone. Anger issues?

And the shoe drops… he attacks pretty much everyone. Anger issues?

A Statement Over Ric McIver, the Future of Alberta, and Gay Rights

As all readers know, I’m a new found father of sorts. The son of my heart, Terry, is a culinary student, presently doing a stage in a restaurant in the US. He is also gay. And it is for him as his father and as a supporter of gay rights, that I write this.

Statement of Dedication: I will do anything and everything in my personal name and reach to fight the PC leadership candidacy of Ric McIver (within legal means of course).


On Father’s Day, the “March for Jesus” went through the streets of Calgary,  proudly heralded by PC Alberta leader hopeful Ric McIver. As an avowed Atheist, admittedly I find such events to be mildly annoying, but the beauty of Canada is that all opinions can be accepted, or at least tolerated in a live and let live situation. So long as the religious sensibilities of a group doesn’t impose or be used in an act of tyranny against a helpless populace, then why not celebrate their beliefs in a man who celebrated the cause of love for your fellow man.

But while I would normally prefer to stay quiet, the more I learn about this, the more I’m absolutely disgusted and furious. This so-called event, originally created by multi-denominational groups in the 80s as a celebration of Christianity, has continued on through the hard work of zealots who oppose all LGBT rights as it offends their religious sensibilities.

For anyone who represents himself as worthy of leadership of this province, or at one time, Mayor hopeful of Calgary, who not only advocates and supports all of these groups who through their misguided homophobic beliefs or even outright hatred and intolerance, has proven himself unworthy of any public office. To represent this province, a leader has to represent all members, not just the rancid dogma of right-wing religious extremists.

Most shocking of all are the claims by the right-wing Progressive Group for Independent Business (in their own site), which states that McIver had worked with them for years, had successfully managed to elect him as an alderman, and honoured him with an award for his work in city council. This is a group that all of the conservative parties, both PC and Wild Rose, had rejected for being too extremist.

If you are PC, regardless of the bread and butter issues, do you really want a possible bigot to represent you? And then when you do think of bread and butter issues, he claims he was responsible for killing the Redford penthouse, but then can’t show even the slightest bit of proof that he did. More importantly, while fiscal hawks may love him for being “Dr. No” (by opposing each and every project ever proposed by city hall), neither has he ever displayed any sort of vision on the future of our city, let alone the province. A leader inspires, gives direction and hopefully can see the potential of what can be. Has that ever been displayed?

And as for something more to think about, this statement comes directly from one of the groups that organized the March for Jesus:


From the Web Site of March for Jesus 2014

“Last year alone, Calgary’s streets were flooded with people of wrong sexual preferences during a homosexual parade of over 30,000 attendees and none of them were embarrassed the slightest to publicly even present their nakedness in front of families and in front of future generations to openly proclaim and manifest that they are not ashamed to declare the name of their master (Satan) and in the same way not concerned with provoking greatly the wrath of the Living God.”


If you believe that the next PC leader, and as such, the future premier of Alberta should be someone who’s guided by such thoughts, then by all means support Ric McIver. But it is my dearest hope that Alberta, land of hope, dreams and opportunity, composed of a people who believe in honor above all, can prove to Canada and the world that such men should be relegated to go rant on the lonely soapbox in the corner of the park, unwanted, unheeded and unheard.

Some more interesting light reading for thought:

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From Terry’s PI Files : The 3 Wives – Wife #1 and the Teen Lover

Through the years I worked in investigations officially and unofficially, none were as enigmatic to me as the 3 wives. These 3 women, all in successful businesses, relationships and so on, were mothers, power negotiators and more. Yet from when I first met them (all within the same year), to when I saw them last, they all had the same problem, philandering husbands and yet refused to break away.

Today, I’m going to cover the first one. She’s since threw the jerk out, but there was a pretty long period where she just wouldn’t pull the trigger on this guy. She was clearly an emotionally abused woman, without much self confidence. Attractive and still young, she had apparently caught her husband once with her neighbor but refused to give me the full details.

Still, what she DID give me was more than enough to work with. And more importantly, the guy had the habit of using her laptop to contact his lover through messenger and the like. EVEN more so, he liked to use her car for quick trips out to the office or wherever as opposed to his ridiculously powered Hummer.


It was a fairly easy sting as stings go. I placed a GPS tracking device onto her car, so I would have a record of his comings and goings. With her permission, I put a data logging program into the computer. There, now I had whatever he would write online. (By the way, if you ever find yourself in the need to find out if your computers are being abused by your employees or kids, I can’t begin to recommend properly the software Spector Pro. Trust me on this.) Finally, I resorted to plain old PI work.


After about 2 weeks, I was ready. We’re all people of habit. You and I might like going to a certain cafe a few times a week, or certain restaurants, a bus stop, a favorite path to jog around in. These are all examples that with the help of GPS, I had his. I also had a LOT of rather incriminating emails written in code names that indicated that there was not only an affair going on, but a pretty hot and heavy one.

On Tuesday I noticed that he would go to a certain parking lot at 3 pm every day. It was close to a good sized strip mall, a city community rec centre, and… a large high school. This got me thinking, as my client still hadn’t told me much about the neighbor. Doing a routine check, I found out that 3 persons lived there, a father, mother and a daughter. As the mother was in her late 30s, I assumed that was the possible partner. But now… was it the daughter? I went to the parking lot to find out.


It didn’t take long. A rather attractive teenager, maybe 16-17 ran across the street, and into his car. They then sped off, and not far behind, I followed them to a house that apparently had a basement suite. Well, that was enough info (and pics), and I went off. I asked to meet the client, and she asked me to see what else I can find online before meeting.

I had done a cursory examination of the email files before. Nothing too serious, just looking for anything that might be a smoking gun (which was most of it), but all of it was still under code names. This time, I looked into it seriously, and soon found quite a few pics that made the word compromising seem mild.

I won’t go any further into the lurid details. The client had proof that her husband had seduced a teenager and kept a secret love nest. The girl, as distasteful as it was, was officially at the age of consent at the time (over 14 yrs of age), and as she was the one who did a ton of porn selfies, the law wasn’t quite clear on whether to charge her with creating her OWN self child porn willingly.

She stayed the with guy for another 2 years before kicking his ass onto the curb. There were other related matters she would bring me in, but none as surprising as those early days.

As for any lessons? Well, I guess, never be so cheap or stupid to use the laptop and car of the wife you’re cheating on? Outside of that, nope, no idea of anything else.

But as she was the first of three who stayed as my clients throughout the years, I never quite understand the power of love, hate, obsession, safety and security until I met them. Wait until next week.