2014 Update on Westgate Vacation Villas – Ripoffs and Solutions

3 years have gone by since I first made my first video on how Westgate tried to defraud me and stole my credit card. In that time, almost 22,000 people have seen the video, and 46 people complained, sometimes to the point of trying to get personal (appearance, etc…). Given that that’s less than 0.25% of all of the viewers over all this time, I’m inclined to believe these are mostly Westgate employees trying to discredit me.

Anyhoo, since then, the last few people who insulted me or made their own comments had asked me about value and so on. Here’s my reply, on why :

1) it makes NO sense to buy one of their time shares as it’s actually cheaper to just use Travelocity;
2) why haven’t they yet to respond about why they tried to have me sign 3-4 versions of a contract that was completely different than the terms originally negotiated?
3) why did they refuse to return my credit card?
4) why there is no resale value in the timeshare?
5) why is there is literally hundreds of complaints and a poor rating in consumer sites for Westgate resorts?

If you’re thinking about getting a Westgate Vacation Villas timeshare, watch my original 2011 and this video. I’ll save you some money in the long run. In the meantime, here are NEW additional links on top of the links from my original 2011 video.






Westgate Vacation Villas… Scams, Solutions and Secrets

2 yrs ago, I went through hell for a few hours. It was my fault, I agreed to a 90 min Westgate timeshare pitch and almost bought in… but they screwed up the scam and I escaped hours later. Not long after, I recorded a video, with tons of info that I compiled after a few hours of reading complaints, Florida law and online advice on Westgate and their scams. I still get hits and comments on that video, and judging from what I’ve been told, this info is still badly needed. So without further adieu…